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Dining Room Set

This was an opportunity to get creative. The customer wanted their parent's dining room set repurposed into a couple of specific items then whatever else I could make.  They got more than they thought as it was really fun to see just how far I could take the materials. Stripping and painting was to be done by the customer.

Getting Started

After disassembly, the breakdown and cutting of parts begins

Three Legged Entry Table

Serving Tray

This was made from a piece of the table top and chair leg spindle pieces. The customer's children had scratched their names into the table when very small. I preserved that for them in the tray top. This was the only piece I stain matched and finished for the customer because of the preserved names.

Knick Knack Shelves

These two knick knack shelves were made from chair backs from the set.

Cake Pedistals
Two cake pedestals were made with pieces of table top and chair leg spindles


Candle Holders

Several votive candle holders were produced from chair and table legs.


The bench was made from parts of two chairs along with skirting from the table and a piece of the table top.

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