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Highchair to
"Big Boy" Chair

This was truly a challenging repurpose with personal ties. The customer is a dear friend and she presented me with a highchair that had been hand-crafted for her son (now an adult) who was one of my students near the beginning of my teaching career. The challenge: Make the necessary repairs and convert it into a "Big Boy" chair for the son of the original recipient of the chair. Challenge accepted.

Let's Get Started

I brought it home and stared at it for a while!

Break It Down

I was able to get the chair completely disassembled, but broke a few parts in addition to the ones that were already broken. Good thing I know how to use a lathe! Now to see what kind of wood it is.


All parts were sanded and replica spindles were turned to replace the ones broken during disassembly.  

Shaping Up

The chair was reassembled and fasteners were covered with maple plugs. Luckily, I was able to glue and pin one of the curved broken arms without having to duplicate.  The legs were cut down to their new height.


Finish was applied and it was ready for delivery

All Smiles!

He loves it! This one was really special and an honor to asked to do.

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