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Home Decor

Woodjam Workshop LLC makes a variety of items that can be used for home decoration. Some items are both decorative and functional. Several of these items are made from reclaimed wood, often from wine or whiskey barrels. If you have an idea, a special request, or see something here that you like, email me and we'll figure out all the details and get it made for you!

Please Note: Barrel items are dependent on my ability to procure quality barrels.

Custom Barrel Hoop Wreath
by Hoop & Holler Workshop

Start with a steel barrel hoop with lots of character. Flowers and greenery are added and the barrel stave can be personalized with laser engraving or cut out lettering.

Email Lauri for custom hoop orders.


Barrel Stave
Candle Holder

Made with a stave from a wine or whiskey barrel. The barrel character is preserved as much as possible.

Barrel Stave Coasters

The recess can be plain or laser engraved.

Wine Barrel Stave
Glass Rack


Music Player Plaques

Give me a song and the lyrics that you'd like to highlight and I'll create this music player interface featuring the desired song. These are awesome romantic gifts. 


Wine or Whiskey Barrel
Cocktail Table

These can be plain or custom laser engraved.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Stools

Constructed entirely from whiskey barrels and surprisingly comfortable!  These can also be made from wine barrel

Barrel Head Signage

These look great on the patio/porch and the monogrammed variety is popular as a wedding "guestbook". 


Outdoor Signage

Constructed of cedar, router carved, then painted and sealed for the outdoors.

Seasonal Porch Sign

Made of cedar with shapes to represent seasons and holidays.

Nursery/Child's Room Signs

These are fun to make and have the ability for some great creative work. They are large wall hangings,
approx 20" - 22".

Brag Board

This is a perfect item to display photos of kids, grandkids, friends, pets, etc.

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